How much does a month of Mille feuilles cost?

It's been a month and a handful of days since I started Mille feuilles. For the curious, here is the monthly cost of the domain and the hosting on Digital Ocean.

→ Domain: 50 CAD per year, so 4,17 CAD per month

→ DO Hosting: 26,08 CAD per month

→ DO Object Storage: 5 CAD per month (per 250 GB, but as the first month of Mille feuilles only used 1 Gig, I'm feeling confident this is going to stay reasonable)

The monthly cost is therefore 35,25 CAD per month, or 423 CAD per year.

I haven't actually kept track of the exact number of hours spent on upkeep and website upgrades, but I'd guess it's roughly 1-2 hours a week (sometimes more).

I (Gersande) am assuming much of the site's costs, but the project also accepts weekly donations through Liberapay. (One-time donations can be made by setting up a weekly donation and then cancelling it after the first transaction.)

❤️ Today, an anonymous patron sent me 24CAD for the year, and I really appreciate the gesture. A big thanks to you all, and merry solstice!

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